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June 27, 2019

5. People in 12-step groups who maintain and grow their recovery will tell you that they were encouraged by their sponsors and other group members, that “service work” or helping newcomers by welcoming them and introducing them to others at the meetings, is a sure-fire way to become “a part of”.  Volunteering to perform some simple tasks around the meeting place is a great form of “service work” and allows members new and old to stop being “apart from”.  Most established groups have “service positions” to fill and there is no better way to get to know people than to serve them in some way.  We will talk more later about service to others and the beauty and power of volunteerism. 

6. Learn structure from other 12-st...

June 13, 2019

4. Make meetings a priority: If you went to treatment or spent time with an addiction counselor, you probably learned the value and necessity of attending 12-step group meetings such as AA and NA. These fellowships are comprised of others in recovery that are committed to being clean and sober and to helping fellow members do the same. Most addiction treatment specialists say that recovery is only as successful as the quality of the support network the recovering individual creates and maintains. The truth is that some people may be able to complete treatment and make it on their own for the first few weeks of recovery, but this is like Sisyphus attempting to carry the massive boulder uphill: sooner or later he, the boulder, and...

May 30, 2019

3. Mind the basics: Of course, getting back to feeling in tip-top shape and maintaining your sobriety entails more than just streamlining your schedule and having rehearsed things to say to others. Part of your new and structured environment in early recovery involves taking care of your nutritional needs and getting adequate rest. As it often happens, when you’re in early recovery, you’re still recuperating somewhat from the residual effects or chronic conditions resulting from your addiction. You may be anemic, weak, have muscle atrophy, or have trouble warding off infection. Many who enter sober-living residency following treatment say they just want to hole up and sleep for a couple weeks straight. Many do just that, althoug...

May 16, 2019

2. What to say to others: You might get some flak from others in your family, at work, or even from some friends when you try to simplify your daily schedule and pay attention to what’s important for your recovery. That’s actually to be expected. Although they’re well-meaning individuals, no one except you really knows what it’s like to go through this sometimes difficult and confusing time. Well, no one except another person in recovery. And, even then, every person’s situation is unique. So, back to what you say to others who wonder why you can’t spend time with them, take on this extra assignment, go for the long business trip, entertain clients at the bar, or some other form of subtle or not-so-subtle persuasion?

The answer i...

May 2, 2019

One truth that hits most people almost the minute they leave a treatment program for addiction and arrive at a recovery residence like Lee House is: “I still need help and don’t really know how to do this recovery thing”. This is a natural fear with plenty of good reasons.  Most important among them is the fact that you’re so new to being clean and sober that you haven’t yet become comfortable in recovery or in practicing recovery skills. There’s so much that gets thrown at you when you return to your own choices, family interactions, maybe a new job and new friends. Sometimes – often, in fact, it’s just too much. Without structure, and someone to help you build it, your recovery may either be very difficult to maintain or more...

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"changing to a fresh and clean environment helped me come up with new ideas about my life and goals"


"I learned that the real me is an interesting person that my house-mates learned to love"

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"For the first time in years I was inspired to set goals and I was in a safe place to consider my next steps"


"The house directors have real recovery experience and they inspired me and held me accountable for changes I wanted to make"

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